Random Acts of Kindness

I don’t know if that’s what I really mean, you can decide for yourself after reading this post. Over the past couple of months I’ve had more than routine encounters while doing otherwise mundane, routine tasks.

Yesterday, while winding yarn in the front of the shop, I saw that (somehow) a woman leaving Fresh Market had lost her groceries out of her car. They were strewn across Post Road and blocking one car.
She pulled over and began to gather them up. The driver in the car being blocked did not get out of the car. He was an older gentleman, so we will give him a pass.

A woman in our parking lot raced across busy Post Road traffic to give her a hand picking up her groceries. Then she ran back across the street to our lot.

I wanted to shout out to this woman, “You get a good Samaritan award.” But she got in her car too quickly. As she drove by our shop window, I saw she had two kids in the car. What an incredible life lesson she gave these kids.

I had to return an item to LLBean.  I selectively read the item name and ordered the wrong item. Isn’t that special.  Rather than going on line or deciphering the written instructions, I decided to call the “speedy” help line.  I actually got a person, a real live person, right away. 

Here was our exchange:
Me: I’d like to return something I bought by accident. Do you need the order number?
Him: Am I speaking with Pam …
Me: Yes, how did you know that?
Him: I’m psychic.
We laughed and finished up the transaction.  A little humor made this all a bright spot in the day versus and “ugh” moment.

I’m out of my usual breakfast tea (poor planning to be sure) and so is the shop I buy it from.  While I wait for it to arrive I’ve been going out to this place in town called The Granola Bar.  They make a delicious sugar free vanilla latte with coconut milk.  So good, in fact that I will drive to get it as soon as they open.  That’s a lot from the woman who ignores going to the store when she’s almost out of her breakfast tea. The owner’s husband was there and chatted amiably with myself and the barista.

Him: My wife owns the place and I’m her loud husband. I like to ask people what brought them here, where we fit in the “arc” of your day.  Are you coming from Barre classes? (Referencing my yoga pants and fleece.)
Me: No, (referencing my yoga pants and fleece), this is one step above pajamas.  I’m out of my normal breakfast tea.

Light banter while waiting for my coffee is a lot more pleasant than passing the time on my phone.

There is a relatively new gas station in town that is full service; s “retro” gas station if you will.  The men who take care of the car are always smiling and friendly.  It’s a little thing, and it’s a nice thing.

The other day as the man cleared the leaves from my hood and wipers he explained that when leaves (or other debris) get stuck under the windshield wipers, they make the wipers warp around them.  I learned something new and useful.

Walking out of the bank there were three landscapers blowing leaves off the property.  One whistled to the other to stop so I could pass.  I smiled and thanked them all.  After I got into my car, one of the men used the blower to clear the leaves off the hood of my car.  This made me ridiculously happy considering what I learned at the gas station.  I smiled, gave him the thumbs up – I even clapped my hands together in glee.

As you go about your routine tasks, think about how you interact with people.  What can you do to make it more?