A Day for Dropped Stitches and

That seemed to be the running theme on Tuesday.

Trammi was waiting for me to get back to finish the collar on her Essence Pullover. She also learned how to creatively close any holes under the arms created when the sleeves were picked up and knit down.

Eileen had a dropped stitch in her Exploration Station that needed fixing.  She made a valiant effort to pick it up, however, the black yarn is tough for picking up dropped stitches. Their also was a “x” marking the spot (in the form of an orange stitch marker) where one of her grand-kids got into her knitting.  We’ll tend to that later when finishing.

Eleanor had the same issue with her Leftie.  She wants to get through one repeat without dropping stitches.  It’s time to borrow her husband’s magnifier to use along with her bright light.
She had a “calamity” over the weekend when her needle broke and the stitches of her Cirrus came off the needles.  There were a few lingering stitches that needed fixing.  
Calann finished part one of her poncho, now it goes onto waste yarn for later.  Part two is exactly the same.

Cornelia had a couple of mis-stitches to fix. She’s finished the fronts and is onto the back.

Mary had flipped her right and wrong sides on her next (and last) wedding garter. If you look closely you can see that the bit of the leaf at the top has the purl side showing.

She also flipped the sides on her current building block squares
Placing a locking stitch marker or safety pin on the right side (which she normally does) will help prevent losing track of the right side of your project.

Linda, ever one to make an entrance, shared her Sock Yarn Baby Sweater.  The sleeve is just a little bit too long.  It appears that her row gauge changed and by following the directions and reaching the point instructed, her sleeve was over 1.5″ too long.  We debated several options:
1. Pulling it out and having the sweater be a cap sleeve sweater.
2. Knitting the second sleeve as long (quickly negated – no monkey arms).
3. Pulling this sleeve back to the right length per the schematic and adjusting the pattern.
Although we were very emphatic to her plight and basically willing to endorse whichever option she chose, the clear winner was behind door number 3.

Allison is in the home stretch of her Burrow Wrap.  She’s looking forward to blocking it and enjoying it’s coziness.

By the end of the class all stitches were retrieved and the knit goes on.