Bring that knitting with you

Eileen opted for regular rib versus the twisted rib which was instead of the brioche on her Exploration Station. Now she’s transitioning to next stitch pattern. Between our combined selective reading, she had to re do a row 3 times. Can we blame it on the early hour? Lack of caffeine?

 Eleanor wearing the Cocoon Jacket. Now that she’s wearing it, the bottom no longer bothers her. She is thoroughly enjoying being cocooned in her sweater.

She watching for Cirrus knit with two Shibui yarns held together. Pebble (Light Fingering: 48% Silk, 36% Merino, 16% Cashmere, 224 yards) and Silk Cloud (Fingering: 60% Mohair, 40% silk, 330 yards).  The pattern calls for a really tight ribbing gauge.  When we looked at Westport Yarn‘s sample and pictures of the poncho on Ravelry, we opted for a looser gauge.  Otherwise the cuffs would be really snug.  It was a village vote.

Eleanor dropped a stitch in Leftie.  Her takeaway from this experience is black yarn on small needles is a risky endeavor.

She got a request for hooded cowls from her daughters and daughter in law.  She picked out Anzula For Better or Worsted for two projects and Anzula Cricket for the third. 

Trammi down to the second to last skein of her Essence Pullover in Tahoe (Aran: 32% Nylon, 27% Wool, 25% Alpaca, 16% Yak, 179 yards).  Can she wing it with what’s left?  Since the ribbing uses the yarn held double we pulled out the middle and tied it on to where the last skein ended.

She finished the first strip of her Sampler Blanket in Plymouth Arequipa (Worsted: 90% Merino, 10% Bombyx, 218 yards).  The stitch definition is lovely.

Cornelia is cruising up the other front of her Customfit cardigan in Artyarns Ensemble Light (DK: 50% Silk, 50% Cashmere, 400 yards).

Calann found a pattern on Facebook for an adorable headband that she’s going to knit in Lana Grande (Super Bulky: 100% Wool, 87 yards) for Valentine’s day. Mary and Eileen got in on the action too.

She realized that she missed a cable as she purled her next row.

I showed her how to do a “mid air transfer”, fixing the cable without taking out the whole row. First I took the stitches out of the missed cable.

I set up the cable needle with the loose stitches and reknit the cable mid row.

Now she’s ready to finish her wrong side row. She was very grateful for her knitting while she attended an all day dance competition for her granddaughter. She was able to knit all day, the lights were not dimmed.

Trammi is grateful for knitting during son’s tennis matches.

I know I appreciated my knitting while I watched (endured would be unkind) softball, swimming, concerts, and plays.

Here’s one of Mary’s completed squares. 
She’s having trouble seeing the stitch manifest itself.  It’ll take a few more repeats to really see it. 

She has cast on for one of the fronts for her Customfit cardigan in Seedling (Aran: 100% Cotton, 110 yards).

Allison is knitting a Hitchhiker in Knightsbridge (DK: 70% Alpaca, 30% Merino,  100 yards).

And this is (one of the reasons) why we knit. This picture is truly a reward for Allison’s hard work.