Do you eat the burnt toast?

Calann misread her chart 

and cabled the wrong direction. 
We worked on how to take out a cable.

Eleanor was ready to begin the short rows on the collar of her Cocoon Coat.  The yarn is very difficult to read so she’s going to leave a marker on short rows.  She had another thought on how to keep the bottom border from rolling up.  Originally we discussed sewing grosgrain ribbon to the (inside) bottom of the coat.  Now she’s considering picking up stitches along the bottom and knitting more garter; good plan.

Cornelia finished one of the front pieces, and cast on for the back. We measured the front and it met the schematic. It’s a pleasure for us all to see her in forward momentum.

Mary Ellen picked up Danni’s Cable & Ribs Reversible scarf for last week’s snowstorm.  She got caught up short because she had a stitch out of place that should have been on the right hand needle and was on the left.  Unfortunately this kept her from knitting over the snowbound weekend. Either way, she was so happy to have a delicious knit project in (two skeins of) Anzula Dreamy (Fingering: 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk, 385 yards).

She is also experiencing difficulty with her bobble square from the Building Blocks Afghan. This is her first “go” at bobbles.  

On that note, Carol is switching out a square that she doesn’t like for a bobble square.  Carol LOVES bobbles. You know how bobbles (after you knit them) can face inward instead of outward?  Carol likened them to belly buttons: “innie” or an “outie”.

Random threads of our conversation…

One of the women mentioned that their child was of the opinion that “Mom would do anything for me”. This sparked a whole conversation and tales of giving up your last (insert item here). That we basically eat the burnt toast so our families don’t have to. Agree? Disagree? Comments?  Talk amongst yourselves.

Does Westport Library offer Hulu for free for their members? Inquiring minds want to know.

Blue Apron very interesting concept for cooking meals.
We all watched a lot of tv during the snow storm. To name a few…
Frankie & Grace

Bottle Shock
It’s Complicated
As good as it gets
Chefs table
Shakespeare in love
And so it goes
Guess who is coming to dinner
Julie Julia
American in Paris
Truly, deeply,y madly
Pacific heights

Burnt Toast by Terri Hatcher