Fish or Cut Bait

Interesting title for a knitting blog post, don’t you think?

© Kimberly Golynskiy

As I continue in finishing mode, I pulled out Big Damn Heroes.  Conceptually I like the look of it.  (You know there is a “but” coming.) But I am not having fun. The project is no longer resonating with me.

I find myself missing yarnovers and stitches every row.  There are three charts to keep track of.  As I sat down this morning to get back into it, I had to stop and think.

First of all, did I leave myself notes or some trail of breadcrumbs as to where I left off? No written notes.

There was a trail of stitch markers, marking missing or dropped stitches and lifelines. I knit across the first section of the row and was a stitch short.  Meh.

I want to enjoy what I knit. It’s not that I shrink away from a challenge.  I can enjoy a challenge if there is forward momentum.  This project keeps ending up in time out.

It’s time to cut bait.  I like the yarn, Dragonfly Pixie (Fingering: 100% Wool, 475 yards) and there is more than enough to give me options (I have two skeins).

© Janina Kallio

In fact, there is one pattern that has been lurking about, Shine. It’s a little narrower than I’d like (16″ x 89″), so I’ll see if it is easy to modify.  I’m beginning to think modify should be my middle name.

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

I’m also interested in Gyre. This one is shorter than I’d like (23.5″ x 67″) so I’d have to see about making it longer.

For now, I’ll frog (rip out) Big Damn Heroes.  It’s ok.  I’m good with it.