What Steadies You (as a kntter)?

Cornelia put her sweater into the freezer overnight and she was able to rip it out smoothly.

I switched her from metal needles to bamboo.  It was a life-changing experience. She cast on for front on Bamboo needles and her issues are resolved.  

No blips. No skipped or dropped stitches.  She is a happy camper now.
Random useful tip: Spray static free on garment that is likely to pick up a lot of lint/fuzz, it will brush off easier.

Eleanor has finished the pieces of her Cocoon sweater in North Star (Bulky: 92% Alpaca, 8% Nylon, 109 yards) and pinned it together to sew before picking up for the border. It was the moment of truth when she tried it on. No worries, it fit well.  It was great to see it take shape.
She only wished she had known that bottom would roll; she would’ve knit more garter on the bottom border.

Look how nicely her Leftie project is coming along.

Carol wore her fabulous sweater into the shop today.  She began the sweater in May and finished it in December.

The tree in Carol’s sweater reminded Cornelia of the interview where Barbara Walter’s asked Katherine Hepburn, “If you were a tree what would tree would you be?”.

Moving right along, Carol continues to knit the squares for her sweater.

She is going to knit all the squares, she might have extra.  

This project is good for travel because it’s portable. 
I taught her how to make yarn butterflies to manage the different colors in a plaid stitch pattern.
Carol commented that no matter when you get to class, you get an education and that it steadies “us” as knitters and gets us over hump. I like that and I’m glad she feels that way.

Calann had to switch to circulars because the stitches were stuffed on straight needles for her Bergere Cabled Poncho.  She found it hard to see how the pattern will space out and where the cable falls. We organized her stitches by  placing markers around the cable sections.

Allison‘s  Little Boater Crew came back from the finisher.  Adorable.  

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She is making serious progress on her Burrow shawl.
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