There’s always a story

Cornelia began with a story of how she got up to the “make ones” in the body shaping.  She thought she was doing them correctly however it wasn’t coming out right, then she got all bumbled up.  We reviewed how to work make ones and she was able to continue.

Deborah is making her first pair of mittens in Big Mushishi (Bulky: 95% Wool, 5% Silk, 109 yards). She got caught up short with make ones in the gusset.  Her stitch count was off by an extra stitch.  It looked like she increased a stitch outside of the thumb gusset.  We decided she would fudge forward and knit two stitches together.  Later on she found another extra stitch.  At this point we decided it was better to rip it back to the beginning of the gusset and start over.

She asked me if I use something on the ends of the double points to keep the stitches from falling off or hope for the best.  I answered that I use rubber bands. In truth I’d probably live dangerously and stuff it in my bag and curse my actions later when I had to fix dropped stitches.

© Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc.

Janice and Trammi are working on my Essence Pullover in Tahoe (Aran: 32% Nylon, 27% Wool, 25% Alpaca, 16% Yak, 179 yards).


Trammi took the sleeve stitches off the waste yarn and began working the second sleeve. Once she picked up the stitches for the underarm she set this project aside and began to work on (our store) Sampler Blanket in Arequipa (Worsted: 90% Merino, 10% Bombyx Silk, 219 yards).

Janice just started the Essence sweater and is ready to knit the reward rounds of knitting evenly until the desired length to hip.

She knit a gauge swatch in Cricket (DK: 80% Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere, 250 yards) for the Etched Rio Wrap.  Her gauge was just slightly tighter (after going up two needle sizes) so the choice is going up and being a little more drapey or staying on this needle and being a little tighter. She opted to go up a needle.

© Berroco, Inc.
Eleanor is up to working the sleeves on her her Cocoon sweater in North Star (Bulky: Bulky: 92% Alpaca, 8% Nylon, 109 yards). They are worked in the round on double pointed needles. To make things a little less awkward, she cast on her stitches onto circular needle and worked the first few rows flat.  When she was ready to join in the round the knitting was much less awkward.  Later on when she finishes up, she’ll sew the little bit worked flat. Since the bottom of the sweater is curling up a bit, Eleanor added her own design modification and worked the cuff in garter for more rows than called for.

She brought in her Leftie project.  It is so cute! I love the stripes.

Allison finished one Little Boater Crew neck sweater in Zara (DK: 100% Merino, 136 yards) and sent it off to the finisher while she knits the second sweater gift.

Mallory ditched folded picot edge of her current Christmas Stocking in favor of ribbed top.  Like the Kenny Rogers songs says, “know when to hold them, know when to fold them”. In other words, pick your battles. No one will ever be the wiser.

Leslie was ready to bind off the cowl on her Cirrus poncho, knit with two Shibui yarns held together. Pebble (Light Fingering: 48% Silk, 36% Merino, 16% Cashmere, 224 yards) and Silk Cloud (Fingering: 60% Mohair, 40% silk, 330 yards). She learned how to sew the seams with the mattress stitch and weave in the ends. She took to the finishing beautifully.

Voila! There are a few unique design elements that add a certain je ne sais quoi. All that’s left is to block it a little longer.

 Cindy was following the instructions on her blanket to crochet the corner piece to the blanket.  It was not coming out neatly and she changed it up to sewing instead.

Cornelia brought up the recent episode of Downton Abbey.  I called out a warning for no “spoiler alerts”.  We shifted to a more general conversation of favorite shows:

Foyles War

Call the Midwife
The Affair
and of course, Downton Abbey

I’m sure everyone is knitting while watching.