Watching the wheels turn.

I was about to put the yarn bin away when thing #2 said she wanted to crochet something. She told me she was going to show me what she wanted to crochet and I was going to tell her how to make it. Alrighty then.

Here is a picture of what she wanted to make.
I explained to her how it was constructed and she began. After she crocheted the base, I explained that she going to split the number of stitches and work two strips stemming out of the base.  She was quizzical.  I explained that she would work 6 then turn and work back over the same 6.  It took a moment and then I saw the “light” dawn.

That has got to be one of the best moments for a teacher, seeing that aha! moment when a student gets it.

In short order she finished the headband. Then Thing #1 wanted one.
And got one.
I later discovered she actually has a her own stash… of yarn. I’m so happy.  I was sorting through yarnia and she kept me company. She bought this super ginormous yarn (on her own) and is crocheting herself an super ginormous cowl.

 I couldn’t resist this picture of the dogs snuggling with her. This is the magic of Yarnia.
Meanwhile, Thing #1 is chugging away on her Two Harbors Poncho.  She’s finished the one side and is halfway through knitting the other side.  Do you think she’ll let me borrow it?