Word to the wise ~ Learn your yarn.

Eleanor cast on for Leftie in Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat Mini Skeins Kit and a skein of Heritage Silk (Fingering: 85% Merino, 15% Silk, 437 yards).

It took some “leap of faith” knitting because she was working short rows on a tiny leaf.  The end result was rewarding. It’s such a cute little leaf.

Cornelia, who takes a very philosophical view of her knitting, contemplated why has it been such a challenge to get going on her current project. She’s been off to a shaky start.  For starters she went from knitting with clothesline (Rasta) to knitting with string (Artyarns Ensemble Light). She came up with an excellent conclusion.  She had to learn the yarn and understand it. 
I couldn’t put it any better.  Different fibers, in this case merino versus a cashmere/silk blend, behave very differently; and that’s before adding different weights to the mix. Learning the yarn and working to it’s strengths is a good lesson for all knitters and crocheters.

Jane bought a Cheshire Mini Skein pack and my Karma Chameleon pattern to make a scarf for her husband.  Together we modified my pattern for a scarf versus infinity scarf. She’s going to cast on 64 stitches and work the pattern flat instead of in the round.

Terri, wore my Essence Pullover that she knit with Tahoe. It makes me ridiculously happy to see people wearing my designs.  I also decided I need to knit myself this sweater in black.


Anyway, having knit one top down sweater, she decided she wanted to knit another one right away to get the hang of top down knitting.  She’s knitting my Sunrise ~ Sunset V-Neck pullover in Mushishi Big (Super Bulky: 95% Wool, 5% Silk, 109 yards).  Plymouth has billed this as a Super Bulky, however the gauge is 3 stitches/1″ which works for my pattern. She is zipping along on this sweater.

Makes me wonder why I’m not knitting a bulky sweater – instant gratification. 

Janice restarted Mrs. Watson. She knits tight and had to go up a needle. Janice noticed an error in the pattern regarding the short rows. In one part of the pattern is said you didn’t need to pick up wraps and in another section it said to pick up your wraps. I did an errata search and found there was an errata posted here.
On another note:

Cornelia – has got the champagne on ice ready for the last season of Downton Abbey. 

And in related conversation, Janice told us about a documentary on three wealthy American woman who were married off to cash poor English nobility: Million Dollar American Princesses on the Smithsonian Channel. 

Jane thanked Cornelia for the recommending, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, she is loving it.

The end result of the day (for me):

  • Order Tahoe in black to knit my Essence Sweater.
  • Knit up (my own) Sunrise ~ Sunset (I actually do have the yarn for it).
  • Read The Nightingale next.  It’s been on my goodreads queue since March 2015. 
  • Set Downton Abbey to tape, it premiere today! Sunday, January 3rd.
  • Watch the documentary, I love that stuff.

How many hours are there in a day?