Take Your Sister to Work Day

This should be a thing.  We bring our kids to work – why not siblings.  Well, I don’t know if brothers would want to do this.  And I digress.

I visited my sister last weekend with two goals in mind (other than the obvious of seeing her and her family).

1. I wanted to visit the Wonder of Wool: Ancient Fiber to Modern Marvel Exhibit at the American Textile History Museum.  Yes, there is such a place.  She’s the only person who was willing to go with me no questions asked.
© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood
2. I have been looking for the right yarn for the Crosby sweater for a year now.  I want to knit it in a real woolly wool – not merino.  While at Rhinebeck, we came upon the Harrisville Designs booth where I was able to see/feel the wool it was knit with, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, and also see Harrisville Yarns Watershed – a viable substitute.  Harrisville had the color I wanted.  At the time we decided I would either buy it and ship it to her (no tax) or come up and visit and get it.

Friday we set off with a full day planed. I had no idea that Harrisville Designs was way in the middle of nowhere. 

Beautiful country. Middle of nowhere.  My sister is a sales rep for a number of gift lines so we made a day of it.  Along the way to and from Harrisville we stopped at several customers (of hers) to bring Christmas Yumminess.

This was a win-win in so many ways.  I knit all the live long day.  She drove and got to check in on some of her customers and bring Christmas gifts. I was able to visit/shop a number of gift shops which is always fun.  

Here I am, in my happy-place.  Surrounded by color and fiber.

One of her customers is even a yarn store (does it get any better than that?). I was glad we stopped there as this past summer I bought yarn for a project, Inspira Cowl, and (shockingly) didn’t write down the project name.  Yes, I do this too. 
Saturday we went to the Wonders of Wool exhibit. 

We were delighted that the cashier was knitting.  It was like visiting Sturbridge Village and having people in costume, very appropriate.

Admittedly we almost missed the Wonders of Wool exhibit, which would have been a crying shame.  The museum wasn’t clearly laid out (to us) and we were literally on our way out of the museum, confused about what we saw based on our expectations, when Nancy wandered down one last hallway and there it was with a big sign and everything. What a relief to find it! It put everything into perspective.

These are just a few of the photos we took, to see more, click here. Shameless self promotion, please like my Facebook Page while your there.

In between our road trips we found time to sit and knit a bit. I finished French Cancan.

Performed a gauge check. Sadly her gauge was too tight on Caught in the Rigging, and she had to rip it out and begin again.  She is one tough broad, ripped it out and didn’t look back.

I did some last minute sewing on the shrug she was wearing to a holiday party (minutes before we both had to leave). It’s what we do.  I remember, years ago, her knitting/finishing a sweater I was knitting for my husband – while he and I were out to dinner. When we came back I was able to gift him the finished sweater.  We are pinch knitters. 😉

Nancy’s cat, Radar, kept the yarn under control.  Somebody had to.