Time to sparkle and glow ~ one way or another

Trammi checked in with her progress on the sleeve of her Essence Pullover.

Mallory finished up the heel through toe of her Christmas Stocking.  She got a refresher for how to do the Kitchener stitch for the toe. While we were in class she worked the duplicate stitch for the name. 

She bought all kinds of sparkly goodies to decorate the Christmas Stocking.  Calann shared a great line from her mother (or grandmother).  “When the glow leaves your face, you need to put the glow (sparkle) somewhere else.”  Words of wisdom, get out the bling ladies!

Calann has had a few trials and tribulations with her Alligator scarf.  It’s a really cool, labor intensive scarf.

She was really unhappy with how her socks came out. She didn’t like the lack of uniformity of the stitches.  The yarn she used is Taiyo sock (Fingering: 50% Cotton, 17% Wool, 17% Nylon, 16% Silk, 462 yards) – it’s a thick/thin yarn so it doesn’t lend itself to uniform stitches.

Eleanor modeled her Customfit sweater in Kid Paillettes, it is stunning! Allison and Eleanor’s Customfit sweaters have inspired Trammi and I to knit our own Kid Paillettes Customfit sweaters.

With this sweater done, she cast on for the Cocoon sweater in North Star (Bulky: 92% Alpaca, 8% Nylon, 109 yards).  This is going to be the type of cozy winter sweater she’ll want to wear all the time.

She found a version of the Hitchhiker scarf that calls for putting in yarnovers to change it up.
Cornelia’s yarn for her next Customfit sweater isn’t in yet so she used the time to study the pattern. 

We talked about how we approach a pattern.  Trammi and I read one section at a time, we like to live dangerously and be surprised. Trammi finds it less overwhelming that way.

Eleanor likes to skim the pattern fully, then read each section in detail before she knits it, circling all the appropriate information for her size.

How do you approach your new patterns/projects?

Jane re-knit the front neck shaping on the Madison Weekender cardigan.  I modeled it to give her perspective on how well she knit the sweater.
She was ready to work on the collar. However, when we looked at the pattern picture, the it was clear that she picked up and knit the button bands too far up. Her choice was to either take out the button bands, pick up sts up the the beginning of the neck-shaping, then work the collar – OR – extend the bands as they are around to the back of the neck and sew them together.  Can you guess which option she chose?  I’ll give you a hint, the path of least resistance.