Go for the Gusto!

Every fall out of some misguided sense of knitterly responsibility, I ask my family if they want anything hand knit for a holiday gift.  I know so many people (friends and customers alike) that are knitting gifts for the holidays that I feel I would be remiss in the knitter’s code of conduct if I didn’t.
I have three daughters.  I have learned the hard way that they have to pick the pattern and the yarn.  No surprises here, those end badly.  Since I design, I often get pictures of commercial knits with the question, “can I make (fill in the blank”.  I take these requests as a compliment and if I can, I will.

Not so with Thing #2 this year. Here is a recent text “transcript”:

I happened to be with a friend (that understands the work involved), who said, “Tell her to get them at Target”. I know how this will play out if I attempt to knit these socks.  There is no way I would be able to get the elastic to behave the way a commercial sock (with elastic) would. 
Thankfully she was flexible on the whole “over the knee, cabled socks in a tweed yarn that is not too thick/too thin” thing. Instead we went with a super bulky, super long scarf.  She picked out Berroco Gusto (Super Bulky: 45% wool, 45% acrylic, 10% viscose, 70 yards) in the colorway Quartz #1903.
This knit up in a jiffy. I’m happy to report that it is on the “done” pile.  Well, in actuality, it is the only thing on the “done” pile.  It’s a start.  
So for that picky, (almost not a) teen, in your life, knit a super bulky scarf and be done with it. Really.

Photo-bomb courtesy of Harry.
The pattern is available on Ravelry.