It must be fall, there are knitters/crocheters everywhere!

I met Holly today.  She’s relatively new to the area and had been looking for a group to join where she could learn how to knit. It really became more of a refresher when it became clear she knew how to make a slip knot, cast on, and work the knit stitch.  From there she learned garter, how to purl, stockinette, and ribbing.  She’s going to practice these stitches and attempt seed stitch.  This will also give her practice reading her stitches.  Her goal is to knit neonatal baby hats. 
We had a full group so she had a chance to meet most of the regulars.
Cookie was working on a crocheted Slouchy Hat she has made before.  She wants to improve her ability to count her stitches and where a row/round begins.

Eileen is knitting the Azel Pullover. She had to pick up stitches for the armhole.

Jana has been working on the crocheted squares for a baby blanket.
It’s coming along nicely.

Mary had to redo one of the cable crosses in her Building Blocks square. She crossed the center cable the wrong way.

We ripped it back and she redid it.  Mary doesn’t like cables and prefers bobbles. Eileen prefers cables over bobbles.  It’s a symbiotic relationship. Maybe they can “pinch knit” for each other when these stitches arise.
Lois finished her zickzack in Noro Silk Garden (Aran: 45% Mohair, 45% Silk, 10% Wool, 110 yards). She used two skeins (two different colorways) and three repeats. This yielded a 6.5″ x 41″ scarf. It was great for travel. The pattern was originally intended for fingering weight yarn, however, with a little modifying you can do any weight yarn.

Elizabeth was having difficulty reading English. It’s that selective reading thing rearing its ugly head. The Rosalia pattern instructed her to work a decrease every 8th round. She was working 8 rounds – then working the decrease on 9th round. Her question was, ‘is this something that is going to affect the integrity of the pattern or pattern stitch?.  The short answer is no as long as she makes sure the armhole goes in the right round.  Having realized her misread/interpretation of the instructions, she decided to revert to working the decrease every 8th round.

There was another sweater she is starting.  She is not sure if she’s happy with tension so she hasn’t cut strings. She will knit two more inches, then place the stitches on waste yarn and see what it looks like/measures off the needles.
Sadly, Linda hasn’t knit or played the ukulele, in a month.  She’s in the process of moving and was too busy/stressed to do either.  Well, she did practice ukulele once.  She told us that if she messes up on the ukulele it’s only a problem for her.  If she messes up on her knitting, it’s bad for everyone.

She’s working on the Sock Yarn sweater in Koigu PPPM (Fingering: 100% Merino, 175 yards) and refreshed her memory of where she left off and how to work Make One increases, both left and right.

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