Let’s Get Down to Business

Eleanor is making it a priority to finish knitting her customfit sweater with Kid Paillettes (Lace: 42% Mohair, 40% Polyester, 18% Silk, 136 yards), so it’s ready for Christmas.

Calann working second mitten from the Hood River Top Down Mitts. The mitten is worked top down instead of from the cuff up.

She is also knitting the Honeybear Hoodie in Spud & Chloe Outer (Super Bulky: 65% Wool, 35% Cotton, 60 yards). The sweater is worked from the top down. Calann couldn’t get a feeling for it from the angle she was knitting it.  I flipped it around to take a picture and she had her aha! moment. She said, “when you put it that way, it looks like a sweater.” 😉

Cornelia has been swatching with the Artyarns Ensemble Light (DK: 50% Silk, 50% Cashmere, 400 yards) for the past week and loving working with it. She said it’s like going from knitting with clothesline rope (Rasta) to two sewing threads. After trying different needle sizes, she is ready to knit her real swatch for her next CustomFit sweater. 

As we were sitting in class, the Berroco Gusto (Super Bulky: 45% Acrylic, 45% Wool, 10% Rayon, 70 yards) she ordered for her daughter’s poncho arrived.  Cornelia was able to knit up her swatch quickly. 

Jane was getting different numbers when she measured her knitting. (I think we’ve all been there.  Sometimes I think there are knitting gremlins that mess with our measurements.) ANYWAY, she put the body of the sweater down and cast on for the sleeves so as not to be idle.

It turns out she had been measuring from different places.  We’ve made some modifications: She cast on for the medium, she is knitting the lengths for the large, and she’s comparing the sweater she is knitting to a garment of her daughters. It catches us up short for reading the directions because it is no longer straightforward. After several trials and tribulations we had it sorted out.

Trammi decided to finish several projects before starting any others.  She chose zickzack, Outline (pictured above), and

and Essence Pullover Sweater in Tahoe (Aran: 32% Nylon, 27% Wool, 25% Alpaca, 16% Yak, 179 yards). Here she was taking sleeves off of body and then she’ll have some easy circular knitting on the body.

Everyone was very focused on their knitting and their goals.  There was some serious knitting going on.