Are you a words person or a numbers person?

Cornelia finished the knitting of her Customfit sweater and we sent it off to the finisher.  

She finished her granddaughter’s poncho and feels it’s one of her best knits yet.  Personally I think that’s because of how cute her granddaughter looks in it.  She wants to knit them for her daughters, its down to the color choices. 

After her daughter tried it on the Houston Top, Cornelia decided it needed some modification.

 Specifically, she decided to hem it and make the front higher than the back.

Mary forgot to work the half of the cables across the last cable row of her building block, so we ripped it back. 

Much better.

Jane finished the cabled band of her Madison Weekender Jacket and was ready to pickup the stitches for the upper body. 

To her credit, she did the math and figured out a plan for spacing out the picked up stitches based on the fact that she had knit 192 rows and had to pick up 145 stitches. Jane is clearly a math person.

The navy is really giving her a tough time. It’s hard to see her stitches in the dark color. Placing the band on top of white paper made it easier to see where to pick up the stitches.  At home she is going to use a white pillow case or sheet.

Rosie finished the back on her customfit sweater knit with Ultra Alpaca (Worsted: 50% Wool, 50% Alpaca, 215 yards). We are all enamored with the heathered purple color. Rosie is a self proclaimed words person and wouldn’t have done the math that Jane did.

Eleanor finished the body of her Madison poncho.  There are things she would rather have known at the onset, like working the seed stitch side border at the beginning and end of the poncho versus picking up the stitches after the fact. That is a vote for reading the Ravelry comments for a project before beginning.

Before beginning the cuffs, I checked the Ravelry comments and found these modifications:

Final cuff adjustments: 

  • Cast on for the medium size (54 stitches) using size 7 needles and knit in the ribbing for 1″. This is what worked to make the very top part of the cuff large enough so it didn’t bind the arm. Good advice and we followed it. 
  • Books we are reading:
    Dead Weight
    The Little Paris Book Shop
    The Desert Queen
    Go Set a Watchman


  • When knitting a pattern, are you drawn to the words or math?  Talk amongst yourselves.