I highly recommend it.

Recently I had the occasion to “unplug” from technology for a day.  Or, as Thing #2 calls it, “going radio silent”.  She actually put a note on her bedroom door to that affect once.  But I digress…

It was a self imposed disconnect.  I sleep with my phone and iPad by my bedside.  My phone serves as my alarm clock and I read from my iPad.  When I woke up, I left them on my nightstand. 

I was surprised by the little ways in which technology has woven its way into my daily routine.  (Did you like the fiber reference?  Not intentional, though it works!)

The observations were almost immediate. My morning routine consists of making my tea and reading email, checking Facebook, and Ravelry.

1.  There’s an hour back in my day.

I decided to take my tea outside.  What was the temperature out?  I couldn’t check on my phone and we don’t have a thermometer outside.

 2.  Check weather the “old fashioned way”. Literally step outside and see for myself.  Growing up my mother would always say, “stick a hand outside” when we asked what it was like outside. 

Believe it or not, (and I’m almost ashamed to share this), I actually had the thought, “what if I see something pretty”? I can’t take a picture.

3.  Enjoy being outside without considering whether it’s a photo op.  Simply be outside on a lovely morning. What a concept.

While outside I had no way of checking the time.  I no longer own a watch.  Then I remembered I had bought a couple of bracelet watches years ago.  Guess what? Batteries dead and they were intended as “disposable”, no way to change battery.  

4.  Not marking time continuously was rather freeing.

 While outside the dogs were playing tag.  They were racing around the yard at top speed.  Harry ran under the slide from our play gym. This was clearly “base” as Tucker is too big to go there.  That didn’t keep them from doing puppy spins and prances to taunt each other. It was delightful to watch.  Use your imagination, there is no video documentation. You can’t “youtube-it”. It happened though. Really.

5. Life was not a photo opportunity.  Moments were there to be enjoyed, remembered, and retold without visual aids.

I had to spend the day alone with my thoughts.  Scary thought, I know.  There were some cobwebs to clean out. Without my phone I couldn’t listen to my book tape or music.

6. Without continual “outside” input, my day was meditative.  I kept paper and pen by my side and wrote down thoughts and ideas as they wandered in and out of my mind. That being said, I really need to write neat notes in full sentences versus cryptic scribbles of one-two word hints. It’s pretty said when you don’t get your own hints. 

Did I miss my phone? Of course. At the same time, it was a good exercise to re-learn how to do things old school.  Think for myself instead of googling it.  Enjoy the moment fully and not through a phone camera lens. 

I highly recommend it.  

Note to self for future, consider getting a watch and radio. 😉