How many is too many?

It’s a trick question.  The answer is, “there is no such thing as too many”… projects to bring when you are out for a day, a week, or more.

I take you back to the other day when it was time to bring Thing #2 to school.  The drive is less than two hours. That means approximately four hours of car time mixed with random acts of knitting should we hang around at all.

Since I was swatching for two upcoming design projects, I would bring those yarns and several needle sizes.  That was easy if not particularly time consuming.

The next project is a design in process, boot toppers.  They were nearly done. I’m knitting them in Ultra Alpaca Light (Sport: 50% Alpaca, 50% Wool, 144 yards).

May I say at this point I felt very responsible and productive bringing my time sensitive knitting.  It just didn’t feel like enough.  Nothing I was bringing was very time consuming.  This is assuming I finished everything I brought. 

I decided to throw in the Bandana Cowl that I’m knitting in Malabrigo Merino Worsted (Worsted: 100% Merino, 210 yards). 

Here are the results of the trip:
1. Swatch completed.
2. Couldn’t work on swatch #2 since we were using my phone’s gps and I needed the stitch dictionary on said phone. (For those of you saying “work the cable without a cable needle”… don’t like to do that. On a small needle and it would’ve been fiddly at best.
3. No cable needle for boot toppers.  Curses, foiled again.  I had paired down bags for this journey.  Note to self: don’t do that.  More is MORE.
4. Thank goodness I brought the Bandana Cowl.  I would have been without knitting!

Moral of the story: 1. Make mini notions kits for each project and put it in the project bag. 2. Bring as many projects as my little heart desires.