Aha Moments in Knitting Class

Lately in my classes, I’ve been asking students (at the end of the class) what their big Aha! moment was.  It’s been very interesting for me as a teacher and for the students as a group.

In this weekend’s Building Blocks Afghan class several of the students were on the block that introduces lace knitting: yarnovers and leaning decreases. Here’s what they had to say:

Janice: “Not to get nervous about two yarnovers near each other leaving holes.” She thought she did something wrong until she understood the purpose of the yarnover/decrease in a pattern.

Mary Ellen: She joined us for the first time today and hadn’t knit in a while.  I loved her Aha! moment. “You can get back into knitting. I rediscovered the zen of knitting.”

Annie’s Catalog

 Louise: She was knitting into the back of her stitches. “I was knitting the wrong way.  I learned how to knit the stitches properly and they look better.  It does make a difference.”

Mary Y.: Hers was more a “Tada” than and “Aha”.  She was on block six and it was giving her a tough time.  She had finished one row. Tada. 😉

 Robbie: Her aha moment came from the realization that “I learned a lot in the Exploration Station shawl I knit prior to this class and it really prepared me for the yarnovers in this square.”


Mary S.: That the different ways you can decrease a stitch: k2tog, ssk, skp, k2togtbl, affect how they learn.  Specifically in this block: k2tog leans to the right and k2togtbl (through back loop) leans to the left.

I’d love to hear your Aha moments.