A Knitters Day Off

 Saturday was a gorgeous summer day. Happily I had the day off.

I started out with a cup of tea to wake the brain, followed by some necessary household duties.  I have timed it and the amount of time it takes to steep a cup of tea equals the time it takes to empty the dishwasher.

Relatively alert I head outside.  We have a birds nest on top of a speaker on our deck.  It is inhabited by two baby birds (picture taken with a selfie stick).  The momma bird gets very disgruntled every time we go outside and leaves the nest.  This morning I caught her and the poppa on a tree limb opposite the deck.  She was highly animated and I could imagine what she was saying:

momma: “You’ve got to do something about those giants” (Major wing flapping and chirping).)
popppa: “Just ignore them, you are being dramatic”
momma: (more wing flapping and chirping)
poppa: (exit stage left)

One row also equals the time it takes to steep my second cup of tea. Fully caffeinated and having gotten the bird conversation out of my head I settled into Big Damn HeroesIn the morning I like to knit things that are  too complicated to work on with people around.

Which is why as soon as I picked up the needles I got Face Timed by one of my kids. We talked for over an hour. That’s longer than I think we’ve talked in consecutive minutes since she got home. Go figure. There’s meaning in there somewhere.  At any rate, I had to put down the lace knitting and get something I can knit and talk with.

Otto the Polar Bear is a great pattern. I’ve knit this 3 times already. Now I’m knitting a sample for the store, it will ultimately be a class. The yarn is Plymouth Select Superwash Merino (Worsted: 100% Merino, 218 yards).  It took less than one skein.  This is going to be my “go to” gift in the future.

While on the phone, she reminded me that she wanted me to knit her a sock monkey.  I think this was somehow influenced by Otto.  Using Ravelry and Face-time (talk about juggling electronics) we narrowed down what she wanted.  
Harry kept a close paw on a new toy. He took this very seriously.
During the day, I finished Otto, bailed on Big Damn Heroes (for the day), and worked on a new cardigan pattern I’m designing.

We ended the day with take out at the beach.  I think half the town was there. Truly a well spent day off.