The Yardage Variable

 © Carina Spencer

I’ve had Scalene on my radar ever since it came out.  One thing that made it really appealing is that the designer, Carina Spencer, features pictures of the different ways it can be worn.  This is really useful to someone like me who falls short in the “how to wear it” department. The pattern is very well written.

Last year at Rhinebeck Scalene was on my list of projects to shop for.  You can knit it with or without strips. You need two colors: one with approximately 400 yards and one with approximately 200 yards. My sister decided she would make it too.

We found 1 skein of purple that we both wanted. Where is King Solomon when you need him?  Being civilized and (relatively) adult women, we decided that we would split this skein of purple and it would be our secondary color.

Initially I had a lovely skein of teal yarn that I was going to use with it.  Nancy vetoed it for not having enough contrast.  Apparently she can be the boss of me because I listened.

Scalene moved to the back burner since I didn’t have the second color.  Recently we got tosh sock (Fingering: 100% Merino, 395 yards) in at Westport Yarns.  There was a lovely grey that would work.

I really liked the striped version. However, I knew I might be slightly light on yardage for that.  I had a nagging feeling in my mind.

That feeling manifested itself when I neared the end of my project and knew I was going to be short on the purple.  Well, I figured that’s ok, I must have lots of purple leftovers that could substitute.

Not ONE of them was a perfect match.  Seriously?  It’s one stripe, the other yarn was hand-dyed with variations.  No one will ever (really) notice.

I phoned my sister:
Me: Are you still working on Scalene?
Nancy: Yes, I’m nearly done.
Me: Which version did you knit? Stripes or No Stripes.
Nancy: No stripes, you told me we didn’t have enough yarn for stripes (apparently sometimes I am the boss of her).
Me: Ohhhh, well, I was right. Hence nagging feeling.

Finished, before blocking my measurements were 54″ across the longest part, and 16″ down the center.  I went merrily along soaking it to block.

It blocked out to 66″ across the longest part and kept the 16″ down the center.  Note to self, compare pre-blocked measurements before blocking: 50″/15″.

A couple of things became clear:
1. I didn’t have to block it.
2. My gauge was larger than the pattern.
3. Just because a pattern is “easy” doesn’t mean I don’t have to pay close attention to the fine print.

Ah, I continue to live and learn at the hand of my own mistakes.  I tossed it in the dryer when it was damp. This brought it back to 58″/15.5″.  It’ll be fine.  It’s a scarf and I do love how it came out.

Footnote: Nancy is ready to knit the part that sits above the slit.  She’s not confident in her yardage and is going to stripe the last section.  I have to admit, I’m a little jealous.  I think it will look really cool that way: solid purple, solid gray, striped purple/gray.