Warning: Stitch and Chat can be dangerous and addictive.

Eleanor is swatching for the Textures Cardigan in Tahki Rosa (Aran: 100% Cotton, 93 yards). In the pattern schematic it sits high on the hip. She’s  going to knit it longer and make the fronts wider.

She wore her scarf in and it looked fabulous! The yarn is Tahki Monet (Aran: 52% Cotton, 40% Acrylic, 8% Nylon, 60 yards).

Allison had a mystery mistake for me to unravel (no pun intended). She finished the rows for her right front of her customfit sweater and she was a couple of inches too long.  She was not sure if she read the instructions for the back and applied them to front or just added extra rows.  In the end, she added the last increase, and then began the armhole shaping.  She will just have to be mindful that her left front matches.
Cornelia finished sleeve #1. She liked it so much, she decided to knit another one. 😉

Tracy visited Stitch and Chat sans yarn. She plans on joining our group. Tracy would be our first crocheter. That will add diversity into our (all knitting) group. She taught herself how to crochet and began by making sweaters versus scarves because that is what interested her.

Next up: doilies where there will be more instant satisfaction. Her grandmother used to make them. I showed her how to do a filtered Ravelry search, these were not your grandmother’s doilies. I may have to crochet one too.  Don’t  know what Joe will think.

Susan is knitting Claire’s Outlander Rent Shawl for her sister who loves the show.  The construction of this scarf is unusual.  You knit the center diamond first, put the “wings” on holders and work them separately.

She had a question about how the stripes work out to the end. There wasn’t anything in the instructions about dropping colors as you decreased. On the pattern page the three colors did not carry to the very tip. As you decreased, you eliminated colors.  

We “winged” it with satisfactory results.

This was Susan’s first time to Stitch and Chat.  She decided our group was dangerous. There was temptation everywhere. She even went so far as to say it was addicting.  True, undeniably true.