If you have to ask the question…

Michelle is knitting her second customfit sweater with yarn from her stash.  It will be a 3/4 length sleeve cardigan in an aran weight cotton blend.  She said that the pattern is so simple, she doesn’t have to worry as long as she keeps track of her rows. Since we took her measurements for the first customfit sweater, she only had to knit a swatch and pick her design elements.

She is finishing Houston top in Berroco Origami (Worsted: 58% Acrylic, 16% Linen, 15% Nylon, 11% Cotton, 98 yards).

While she was in Florida for the winter, she took up needlepoint.  This adorable pillow is going with a knit blanket as a baby gift.  Her needlepoint stitches are perfect.

Eileen wanted to learn how to make lilliput crocheted flowers from Nicky Epsteins Crocheted Flowers book. She hadn’t crocheted in a while so this served as a refresher for what she knew and then she learned a few new stitches.

Well done, wouldn’t you say? She is going to use flowers instead of buttons with snaps underneath.
Eileen is knitting Daisy #238 QK ,an adorable sundress in Cottontail (Aran: 100% Cotton, 90 yards).

She began knitting the Little Emilia Poncho . She had to learn how to make a bobble. I have to say, she is not loving the whole bobble business. I agree with her, they are not my favorite.

We had a mini debate: bobbles versus cables. Eileen, myself, and Lois (who hasn’t made them but has joined the anti bobble team) prefer knitting cables over bobbles.  I know they are apples and oranges. It was a thing to debate. Elizabeth and Mary like making bobbles.  In the future when faced with a bobble, I will place a bead.  I will not bow down to the bobble. Join the debate, leave a comment.

Mary swatched for the Building Blocks afghan class and got stockinette gauge a #7. This was quite unheard of for her as she is a very loose knitter and never knits to the pattern gauge specified. That should’ve been a red flag for us.

During class she tried a #5 and didn’t like it.  The knitting in the picture above was on a #4, and she isn’t happy with the stitch definition.  Also, she got off pattern with her seed stitch and it turned into ribbing. She’s going to try it on a #3. High marks for perseverance.

This past weekend she locked herself into room with do not disturb sign in order to be able to concentrate on the wedding garter she is knitting on 00’s with linen. It’s the only way she can work uninterrupted.

Linda’s Etched Rio Wrap was too short and she wanted my help to take out the bind off row.  She even wore a purple shirt to soften me up to take out the ribbing for her.

Lois’ husband’s sweater is proceeding one stitch and chat at a time. It’s slow going doing a mens sweater in stockinette and can get a little boring. The long-term goal is next year’s golf season.

Elizabeth swatched for Windward in Cephalopod Bugga (Sport: 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 400 yards) on #0.
She was finishing her Mitered Square Afghan, working the border when one skein of Silk Garden Chunky ended with blue/purples and the next skein began with browns. She asked if we thought it would bother her having the color change abruptly like that.  She didn’t want to go through all the work of knitting the afghan only to be bugged by the border not being fluid in the striping of the yarn. We all agreed if you have to ask the question, you know the answer.  Survey said: rip it out and redo.  Tough love, baby. That’s how we roll.