Doing what has to be done.

Cornelia finished the back of her customfit sweater and was delighted that the knitted measurements matched the pattern.  Her yarn is Malabrigo Worsted (Worsted: 100% wool, 210 yards). She cast on for the front and is planning to work sleeves at the same time. After casting on, she decided to do the “grunt work” of weaving in ends on the back while she’s in class.  It’s the kind of thing she would otherwise put off because it isn’t fun.

I’m really delighted that she’s enjoying knitting her customfit sweater.  She’s making me feel like knitting another one. Here’s a link to view the sweaters that have been completed at Westport Yarns, complete with testimonials.

Trammi went up to 10 on the Garter Triangle Shawl she is knitting with Noro Kureyon (Aran: 100% wool, 110 yards) that she started last week.  I love how rich the colors are.

She decided to swatch for the Apres Vest for the same reason Cornelia chose to weave in her ends.  it was doing what had to be done.  She doesn’t enjoy swatching and sitting in class where she can have her gauge checked is incentive.  The yarn is Rowan Brushed Fleece (Bulky: 65% Merino, 30% Alpaca, 5% Nylon, 115 yards).

Trammi mentioned last week that she was concerned that there might have been increases (on her sleeves of her customfit sweater) where she didn’t knit through the back loop which would leave a hole.  There was only one place that was suspect.  We agreed that since it would fall under her arm at the seam, she could tack it from behind. It was not worth ripping back 6″ of sleeve for something that will fall into seam.

Another issue is that she is just shy yardage for the sweater.  We knew this at the onset, and were crossing our fingers that it would be enough. It’s close. Too close for comfort. She could knit 3/4 sleeve and have enough or gamble, knit a full sleeve and risk pulling it out. Trammi decided that the sweater has reached it’s project expiration date and she’s knitting 3/4 sleeve.

I swatched for two more Broadway Pullovers.  My oldest daughter wants one sans sparkle.  I want another one and couldn’t decide if I wanted sparkle or not. And can I just stop and say what a supreme compliment it is to have my twenty-something daughter like something I’ve designed enough to want one. 

I knit a swatch with first holding the Nina/Flora together and then with just the Nina. Nina is Aran: 77% Linen, 23% Cotton, 136 yards. Flora is Lace: 95% Cotton, 5% Metallic, 114 yards.

Both ladies thought I was knitting it as an ombre affect. I was looking at the swatch as either/or.  They liked it as an ombre, starting with the Nina/Flora and then going to just the Nina. We discussed ribbings and felt k3, p3 would be more dramatic. I know I want a v-neck, cropped (top hip) length, and 3/4 sleeves. This is falling into place nicely. Now, do I knit mine first or my daughter’s? I think it will have to be hers.  She has a birthday coming up.  I’m not THAT selfish a knitter.