I’m over it.

Michelle, finished knitting the sampler blanket.  She has three more strips to block, and finishing details.

This blanket was knit with Cobasi (Light Fingering: 55% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, 220 yards). One of the stockinette squares gets a rocking horse worked in duplicate stitch.  She found brown wool in her stash, looked like Koigu.  To make sure it wouldn’t run when washed, we put a small bit of yarn in a cup of cold water and let it sit there a while.  All is good.

She is in finishing mode and has three more blocks of Paintbox afghan. I think Michelle has been knitting these two afghans for the better part of six months.  She is over it. Once these are well and truly finished she will begin the Houston KAL.
When she got to Stitch and Chat, Lois was more than halfway through her Marshmallow Fluff Cowl, it measured 17.5″ and should knit up to 24″. I left them alone for a minute and when I came back, Lois and Linda decided she was done.  She got to 20.5″ and wants it to fit more snugly.  She’ll block it and be done. She’s over it. Her plan was to finish this in a day, not over four months.  Another thing to cross of to do list.

She’s ready to shift to my Fallen Halo that she is knitting with with green Cashmere 5 and Cashmere Glitter yarn. A truly luxurious experience.

Linda has been rocking along on her Etched Rio Wrap and is down to the last ball. Initially she was fine with row 13 of the lace section. At some point she made the “major” lace row into a albatross and gets anxious every time she comes to it. Call it knitter’s block. When she gets to that row she holds her breath across those 16 pattern sts wondering if it will come out right. She was hoping to get a chance to wear this during the spring.  It’s still kind of chilly – it could happen.  At any rate, she’s over it and ready for her next project.
Michelle and Linda caught up. Michelle told her that she took up needlepoint while in Florida.  Going forward she will needlepoint in Florida and knit in Connecticut.  Linda made an interesting observation: working her hobbies this way Michelle is cross training her brain.
Linda analyzed where she was when she made a mistake. Where was she sitting? What was the lighting situation? Was the TV on? How was she feeling?  The conclusion:, sitting in poor light, watching Dr. OZ while tired. Nothing really to add to that.  Kind of says it all. 

Thank goodness for Linda’s musings.  They are the stuff blogs are made of. 😉