Mary has lost her sheep.

Mary literally brought a (rolling) suitcase full of yarn to pick for the Building Blocks afghan class I’m teaching in May.

After a careful review, the contenders are Cascade Cotton Club or Plymouth Jeannee.

Once we solved that project, she handed me her lost sheep a/k/a Sheep Roll Neck Roo sweater. Last week she noticed that she had forgot to begin the face, so she was going to take it back. It got all kinds of tangled up. 

I just cut the tangle free.  Mary wound them back into balls and she’s going to pick up some yarn bobbins to add some order to the chaos.  It was a case of tough love and cutting our (well, really her) losses. Then she began swatching for a customfit in Seedling (Aran: 100% Cotton, 110 yards).

Sunaina sent her Miley Tee to be fixed, now all she has to do redo the ribbing.
Krazy Kurti, the sweater that made Sunaina a knitter (in her opinion – I thought she was a knitter all along). This was a really cool sweater to knit.

All the sections are done.

It’s been hibernating because she doesn’t like how the red looks on sides. She’s going to redo it with orange. We also realized that she picked up the stitches on the wrong side for one of the sleeves, so she’ll have to reknit that. That’s the plan.

 She finished knitting the hem closed for the Houston Top knit-a-long.  I love the color of Monet that she chose (Aran: 52% Cotton, 40% Acrylic, 8% Nylon (Polyamide), 60 yards).

Lois told me that her husband is thrilled that I fixed the ribbing on his Basic Vest for Men. He said “that’s great, Lois, when will it be done?” Lois gave herself some leeway and told him, “a couple of years. She was knitting her Marshmallow Fluff Cowl. What she thought would take “a day” gas taken months.  First world problems.

We had a philosophical moment: Sunaina said that knitting fully absorbs her attention.  Lois has  knitting ADD and gets distracted. Since she stops to mark each row she completes, that is often. Or at least every row. For me, my knitting ADD takes a different direction. I think about other knitting projects I could be doing. Then there are all the distractions in knitting: reading a pattern, pattern math, counting stitches, and the list goes on.

Michelle is back.  HIP HIP HOORAY! She was swatched and ready to join the Houston Top knit-a-long. The yarn is Berroco Origamri (Worsted: 58% Acrylic, 16% Linen, 15% Nylon, 11% Cotton, 98 yards).

She is knitting the Westport Yarns sampler afghan in Cobasi (Light Fingering: 55% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, 220 yards). The afghan is usually 5 strips. Because she is knitting with fingering weight she’s adding an extra strip.  We had a meeting of the minds to pick out 6 of the stitches to repeat. 

When Elizabeth went to pick up the Cascade Eco plus at Westport Yarns, she saw the Blue Sky Alpacas Extra yarn (Aran: 55% Alpaca, 45% Merino, 150 yards). She is totally smitten with the yarn and one particular color, a raspberry/reddish color.  It’s back to the color drawing board for Rosalia now that she’s seen this raspberry color.
I’m adding yesterdays Stitch and Chat…

Cornelia finished the body of her Confidence Sweater in Cascade 128. I measured the sweater and it’s about 1.75″ narrower than schematic.  She’s good with that as she wouldn’t mind it a little smaller. We will pin it together when she’s done to see how much blocking will need to be done. She cast on for the sleeves.

Her grandson loved the hat that she knit for him.
Allison brought her customfit sweater to work on. She’s knitting the fronts of the cardigan at the same time.