What to knit during the holidays this weekend?

Why I always leave these decisions to the last minute, I’ll never know.  Well, that’s not true, I do know.  I just don’t like to admit (to myself) that I’m eleventh hour person.

Initially I wanted to bring my next Secret Squirrelly project with me.  There’s a lot of potentially good solid knitting time to be had.  Unfortunately, although I’ve swatched, I haven’t written the pattern out. 

Of course I sat at the kitchen table and began to write it which is like playing beat the clock (till we leave). After an hour or so of this I realized that this was not the best plan.  I wasn’t doing the new project justice.

So now, what do I knit? It has to be mindless and easy so I can carry on conversations.  I settled on my spring design, Broadway Pullover. The yarns are held double: S. Charles Collezione Nina (Aran: 77% Linen, 23% Cotton, 136 yards) and S. Charles Collezione Flora (Lace: 95% Cotton, 5% Metallic, 114 yards.

 I picked out a lovely smoky deep lavender to knit it in. Ok, so that’s one project to knit there.  
For the car ride, I’m going to bring a project that has a lot of ends to be woven in.
That was plan.  Our 2 hour drive took 3 hours. I was quite content and didn’t even realize it was taking longer.  I was plugged into my book tape (Game of Thrones so needless to say I not only finished weaving in all the ends on one project,
I cast on and began the Broadway Pullover.