Homeward Bound

What do you do when you’ve knit two out of the three projects you brought? Knit very slowly! Joe took a “sad” picture of us (because we are going back up north).  I’m thinking, ‘do I have enough to knit for the whole trip back’. 

I’ve finished the secret squirrelly projects ~ or at least what I could with what I brought.
 I’m ready to turn the heel on my magic loop sock. The last time I traveled home from a warm place I finished a pair of socks and boy did they come in handy (foot-wise that is) when we landed.  I have a feeling I’ll be putting on these socks too.
There is swatching to do for one more secret squirrelly project.  I won’t be able to start it though until I can block the swatches and write the pattern.
While in Florida, I visited my home away from home (yes, my parents) but also Knit or Knot in Jupiter, FL.  They have a great selection of of yarns, patterns, and needles.  Sandy and her staff are always a pleasure to work with.

I picked up Lang Yarns, Filo (Sport: 75% cotton, 25% nylon, 200 meters). 

I bought it for a pullover from the FAM Fatto A Mano #218. It call for #6 US needles, which means I’ll begin swatching on a #4.    

When we were checking our bags, my bag was over by 3 pounds (no it wasn’t all yarn). I bought some fun, comfy shoes.  Nothing glamorous.  Anyway, my reason for bringing this up was that I was stressing about running out of knitting.  While off loading (those shoes) to another bag, I snagged a skein of the Filo yarn. Call it knitting insurance.

 I felt the love when we got home.  I like how their tails are blurred because they were wagging them so fast!