When the cat’s away, the dogs will play.

I received a distressing phone call from Thing #2 this morning.  It is never a good start to a conversation when your chld says, “I hate making this phone call, but…


the dogs got into your yarn while I was out this morning.” Of course it was a ball of black Superior cashmere.”  Ugh!  They shredded the whole skein, all 300 plus yards of it.  It is positively heartbreaking.  



They have never done anything like this before.  The only time they have played with the yarn is when I’m knitting next to them.  I certainly hope they don’t develop a taste for yarn as a toy. Joe thinks they are mad at me for being away and this is their way of showing it.  I bet he’s right.


Thing #2 has locked the room and any other that has easily accessible yarn.  


I made her barricade the doors. In the meantime, she’ll watch them to make sure they didn’t consume any.


She called me again to say they found another tangled mess of blue yarn.  I couldn’t tell what yarn this one was.  I’m guessing merino since they weren’t able to shred it. Sigh.


It is a good thing they are cute, I love them, and most importantly…

I wasn’t the one to catch them.  THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN UGLY.


I’m going to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and try to recover my composure.  It’s only yarn (sniff), it’s only yarn.