Do you take your knitting wherever you go?

I like to keep a small portable project in my purse at all times.  When I forget to bring my knitting with me I get really anxious. I imagine that all of a sudden I’ll be forced to wait endlessly and not have anything to do.  It’s the stuff (knitter’s) nightmares are made of.

Portable knitting projects (for me) include anything that will fit in my bag.  Did I mention I carry a large bag that is akin to a piece of luggage?  Socks, hats, gloves/mittens, and baby knits all make perfect portable knitting projects. 

 I keep them in Laura’s Fibers Entwined knitting bags because everything should be pretty.


So far this week, my magic loop sock has accompanied me to the car rental place.  It took longer than anticipated.


It was perfect poolside knitting.  I’ve had knitters stop in front of me and say, “I never thought to knit outside (in the warmer weather).  They do not know what they are missing.


It is a beautiful thing to be in harmony with your knitting and a lovely day.


It was the topic of a Facebook post today, “Do you knit on the slopes?”

The general consensus of  those of us tagged in the photo was, ‘if I skied, I would definitely take my knitting on the ski lift.’  That being said, none of us ski and would rather knit in front of a fireplace in the ski lodge. 


And randomly a drone flew overhead today.  Joe didn’t think the picture would come out.  It’s blurry, but it’s there!

Remember, you can take it with you. 😉