Beware, there are knitters everywhere.

Of course whenever I travel (or go anywhere for that matter) I have knitting with me. While on a plane fleeing south, I had a flight attendant approach me and ask what I was knitting. I showed her the hat I was knitting (a secret squirrelly knitting design).  She was lovely and made all the appropriate oohing and aahhing sounds.

A few minutes later she came back and asked me what type of needles I was using.  We had a whole discussion about types of circular needles and interchangeables.  I suggested Knitter’s Pride, personally I’ve used the Dreamz, Karbonz, and Marblz.

I asked her what she was knitting.  She told me she was knitting her first hat and there was no pattern.  She was copying something she saw on television.  (I forgot to ask her what show.) She explained that she was almost out of yarn and wasn’t sure how to work the decreases because there were cables split up by sections of eyelet stitches.  I told her if she had it with her, I’d be happy to take a look and see if I could help.

She was delighted and ran off to get her knitting (that was really sweet).  For a new knitter to be knitting without a pattern and mixing up eyelets and cables is impressive.  She was doing a great job.  I suggested that she omit an eyelet in each section, every round while continuing to make the k2tog.  That would keep the cables intact till she reached the end.  Then she could pull it in like a drawstring and top it with a pom-pom.  We were both happy with the idea.  It was a “charming interlude” while traveling.

On another note, while my dad was taking his daily walk and chatting up various neighbors, he happened to mention that I managed Westport Yarns.  His neighbor, Allison (from CT) was thrilled.  She told him our shop was her favorite.  Later I went down to meet her and we both recognized each other.

It is a small, small world.  You never know when a knitter is going to pop up.