Clean up, Clean up, Everybody Everywhere

Can you name that song? I’ll send the first person to comment free pattern (of your choosing from my self-published patterns) if you can name where this song is from. I’m trusting you to not rush to google it.  Test your memory.

As part of my clean out this year, I went through every box, basket, bag, and pile to clear out what is no longer pertinent.

In no particular order, this is what I found.

Some of these I wrote about in my Scoreboard post, this sweater was frogged. I still like the yarn and pattern, just not together.  I think the slight variegated nature of the yarn obscures the pattern stitch. What pattern stitch you say?  Exactly.

 Does everyone have piles of patterns that interest them?

 This was a hat design that I didn’t publish.

  Ahh, memories.  I knit this garter stitch Ruana when I taught my oldest to drive.  Once, her girlfriend asked me, “Are you knitting because you want to or have to?” It was “have to”, kept me calm. 😉

 Something I purchased to maybe design, and never did.

A capelet that needs a tighter neckline.  A round or two of crochet should do it.  I just have to find the leftover yarn.  (Ha! That’ll sit there till next year.)

The prototype for Stria Slouch hat in One + One Hats.

 I have no idea what this was, it was broken. Chucked it.

Crocheted sweater, perfectly fine.  No idea why it was put in time out.

One lonely golf club cover.  No clue.

Frogged this sweater.  Love the yarn, hated the sweater on me.  It was a ballet wrap. Note to self, ties that fall at the midsection are a fashion no-no for me.

 Slipper socks I made for Joe at least 2 years ago, they needed soles.  Watch for the same picture next year.

This I know was packed away for safe keeping; a fair isle, steeked sweater that my mother knit in her 20’s.  She was model thin, so I doubt this will fit me.  I love it all the same. She even sewed a zipper along the shoulder.

 A sweater coat that was huge.  I tried felting it (it worked with another sweater coat).  It did not work this time.  Chucked it.

An unpublished design that Michelle test knit.  Returned it to her.

Tucker came to offer moral support.

This is a bag skeleton where you pick up stitches in the grommets and knit down.  I’ve had this for at least 6 plus years.  I gave this away.

From my fascination with felting days.  I think it was more about the colored roving than anything else.  I gave this away to my sister.

I (think) I have left no box, bag or bin unopened.  The stacks of patterns, on the other hand, will take longer.

What’s in your closet?

 This is the sweater that will sit in perpetuity unless someone decides they want it.