Scratched that itch and more

Oh, the random places (and by places I mean projects) my knitting takes me.

It started with ‘Joanquil’ Ladies’ Diagonal Lace Top, which was not on my radar until I put it on while at work (it was chilly).  Then suddenly I just HAD to knit it.  (Doe anyone else think of Game of Thrones when they read the name Joanquil?).

Harry helped.

I finished that in a week, after all, it’s a cropped vest.  It took only four skeins of Silk Garden (Aran: 45% Mohair, 45% Silk, 10% Wool, 110 yards).

Then we got in Malabrigo Rasta (Super Bulky: 100% Merino, 90 yards) at work. This reminded me that I had Rasta in the Abril colorway tucked away at home in my stash. 

I decided to knit the cover pattern of Malabrigo Book 6, Angelito

This 1 skein pattern took under an hour to knit, literally.

I timed myself out of curiosity.  No one knows how to have fun like me.

There is still a colorway at the shop that sings to me daily.  Purple Mystery.  I knit a CustomFit sweater in this colorway and I have a scarf in this colorway.  You would think that was enough.  I don’t know if I can hold out.  The pressure is mounting.  It’s my perfect purple.  Sigh.  We will see.

Having scratched this itch, I was able to contentedly return to my deadline knitting.  Two more projects are almost done, leaving two deadline projects to go.  Freedom! What will I knit next?