Travel Knitting

We had a mini road trip to Northampton this weekend and I had to pack my knitting accordingly.

There is car knitting, which can be more complicated because we’re just cruising and I can pause for random acts of conversation. I started the second gift sampler blanket.  I’m on a #2 needle this time, my last strip was a little to big.  The yarn is Zara (DK: 100% extrafine merino, 136 yards).

Then there is social knitting, which in this case was garter, so I can make eye contact and keep knitting at the same time. Thankfully old friends are completely understanding of my need to knit while talking. Liz was more curious about how and what I was doing than the fact that I was knitting while talking.  Love that.

I’m working on something for Thing #1.  She saw this picture and asked if I could make it, this will be a new pattern when I’m done.
I’m still in gift knitting mode.  I finished knitting for a friend’s grandbaby to be.  I can’t put the picture up yet, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. 😉