Welcome to the world, Lily Beth

Mary’s granddaughter was born 10/26 at 10:26 pm. How cool is that?
She’s Mary’s first grandchild and Mary has been knitting in anticipation for months.

The Outer Block Blanket was a collaborative effort that Mary coordinated.  The hat is Metaphor Yarns Baby Basket Hat. How great is it to see the baby wrapped in all this hand knit love?

We had dinner to celebrate Lily’s arrival and to give Mary our gift.
This Sampler blanket is knit in five strips. We each knit a strip.  I manipulated the pattern stitches to create strips that worked within each person’s knitting strengths. Putting it together was a challenge.  Despite all our swatching, several strips were wayyy different.  After wet blocking, I had to rearrange the placement of the strips based on gauge.   Then I crocheted them together and worked the border.
 Mary loved the blanket and was really touched.  The other knitters hadn’t seen the blanket put together and were equally pleased with their efforts.

As I’ve met Laura, Lily’s mother, I wanted to do a little more so I knit the Vintage Baby Cardigan in Claudia Handpaints Fingering (100% Merino, 175 yards). It’s knit in one piece.  I loved the colorway I had, Pink Cloud.  It was in pinks and greys.

Here is our reward for knitting the blanket. Lily Beth wrapped in our blanket.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  That is why we do what we do. This picture gives me such a feeling of joy and contentment.