Meet Piper

While visiting my oldest daughter, I got a chance to meet her new kitten, Piper. I may have dogs now, but I grew up as a “cat person”. Somewhere between then and now, I became allergic. Aly is too. She learned about Siberian cats that are hypoallergenic. I found this link with more details.

What a little furry angel.  She is a puddle of sweetness.  When you pick  her up, she just melts into your arms. 

That being said, it’s been years since I knit with a cat around.  The minute I pulled the yarn out of my bag, her ears perked up.

She was equally interested in the plastic bag and knitting needle.

She may even try her paw at blogging.

All in all, it was a lovely walk down memory lane and remembering how much I enjoy cats.