Frog, Fix or Finish

I learned to weave two years ago.  I’ve woven four scarves and a cover for a throw pillow.  Beth brought the book, Kismet, into the shop and I loved how they combined knitting and crochet with weaving. I chose Wine & Roses,  an infinity scarf. I enjoy mixed media project.  
I had two skeins of Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky (Bulky:100% Merino, 121 yards) and one skein of Jill Draper Makes Stuff Hudson (Worsted: 100% Merino, 250 yards).  The chunky yarn isn’t really chunky and was close enough (for me) to the Hudson. 
The first new thing I had to do was weave in allllll the warp threads.  Not fun.  That’s why it went into hibernation.  I knew I wanted to finish this so I forced myself to weave in the ends one morning.
 Tucker had other plans.  He was feeling needy because his Momma (Thing #2) was dog sitting a puppy at our house. He rarely tries to sit on my lap and never for very long; he has a very short attention span.  Would you believe he sat on my lap for an hour!

I kind of liked the puppy cuddles so I went with it.  I did get a little bored though and took a few “selfies” with him.

When he finally got fidgety himself, I got back down to business.

Once I finished weaving in the warp threads, the directions called for picking up stitches and knitting in moss stitch for 15″.  I crocheted across the bottom to make a nicer pick up edge.  Then being that I am a selective reader, I did seed stitch instead of moss stitch.  By the time I realized, I wasn’t going back.  Seed Stitch vs. Moss Stitch in a scarf – not a deal breaker.

Life being what it is, I did find six random acts of ribbing 3″ down that I did have to fix though. I used the fixastitch knitting tool to work the seed stitch up. I did a yarnover bind off to create button loops.

With the yarn I have left over, I’d like to knit the Lucy Hat. Hopefully I have enough, because I think the hat/scarf combo would be awesome.