As I share the joy of having dogs, I’ll share some of the sadness too.  Yesterday we had to put down Boris, our Yellow Lab.  It was a very sad day and will bring tears to our eyes for quite a while. His health was rapidly declining and we wanted him to pass with dignity. 

Boris came into our life as an “oops” dog.  We had gone to a pick up a Golden Retriever (Winkie).  Joe and Thing #2 fell in love with Boris and his perpetually confused look (his brows were always furrowed).  

My husband wrote the tribute below; I couldn’t have said it better.

Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to a good friend Boris. Boris lived his life as a “dog’s dog”…

with a youthful spirit, a playful heart,

 and was the loyalist of friends never wanting more than a belly rub, his head scratched, a stick to chew on and 2 bowls of food every day… although he wasn’t “dog friendly”, he was people friendly… and everyone loved him…

He was an icon on our front lawn, where drivers would slow to “say hi”, walkers would bring treats…and even the UPS and FedEx guys would slow down to toss him a biscuit, even if they didn’t have a package to deliver.

He loved to chase snowballs (even after they disappreared into the snow) and swim in the pool, barking at the water being splashed…as he would always keep a watchful eye on the kids when they swam making sure they got to the steps…. but his favorite game was “find the stick” (no matter how small it was, or where I threw it in the yard)… he wouldn’t stop until he found the exact twig I threw…and he would bring it back – every time!… 

He would turn 12 on Friday, unfortunately he’s not going to make it… it’s just not right or fair to extend his “existence” as it is not… a dog that was so full of life should not spend his final days alone in his crate…. we are sorry to see him go… but a dog with his dignity deserves to go out with it… so yesterday at 5pm, we said our final goodbye… and sent him to hang out with Rexx, Rocky and is buddy Winkie… all of which should be chiseled into the Mount Rushmore of Dogs!

For those of you wondering… I am fine, and accept that this is part of the responsiblity of the friendship (not ownership) with our canine friend… we are here to make their lives more fulfilled… as they are for ours. When the time comes, we have to be there for them, as they have been for us…

Bye, Boris.  We loved you and we will miss you.
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