Rainy Days and Yarnia

For the past few months I have been “throwing things” into Yarnia: patterns, class outlines, random acts of yarn, you name it. You can see some of the stuff in the upper left.  There is even a bag of yarn from Knit Together which closed seven years ago.

Finally I had a day off and it was rainy outside so I didn’t feel compelled to be outside.  Since my husband had a meeting at the house, I decided to further tether myself to the process by staying in my pj’s and not putting on make up.  This way there was no way I was going downstairs and therefore could not be distracted.

At one point, all three kids and two of the dogs decided to join me.

It was a welcome interlude.

Needless to say, that slowed up my progress. 
Another impetus was the upcoming Westport Yarns Stash Amnesty.

 I found several yarns that I decided to part with using the same logic as when you clean out a clothes closet.  Namely, if I haven’t knit with it in two years, give it away.  This only worked up to a point, then emotion kicked in. 

There are some yarns in my stash I truly want to knit and have forgotten about. 

 And some yarns I truly doubt I’ll ever use.

Then there was the random shuttle wrapped with two different yarns.  I have no idea what I was planning with this.

At the end of the day, Yarnia was saved from disorder… for now.