That’s my girl

I’m so happy I could cry!  This is a hallmark moment.  There should be a card for this.  At a minimum one of the ecards!  Thing #2 brought home more yarn than clothes in her bag AND she has a project in her purse.  That’s my girl!

About a month ago, she got back into knitting/crochet.  The trigger was a friend of hers admiring a hat she saw somewhere and Thing #2 wanted to make it for her.  Much to her chagrin, it was a seed stitch hat.  Thing #2 is a crocheter.  She knows how to knit and prefers crochet.  Still, she wanted to make this hat for her friend and I got her to swatch and wrote her a pattern. Hat accomplished.

She went back to school with a couple of skeins of yarn which she made quick work of so she went to a local big box store and bought enough yarn to crochet a blanket.  I will forgive her for this as she is a poor college student and I was excited to see the revival of her interest in crochet. There are exceptions to my yarn snobbery, not many mind you, but this is one.

I received this happy picture of her finished blanket.  This does her mother proud, I tell you.

While visiting home, she found a hat I knit as a sample years ago and never wear (not my color).  She asked to borrow it and loved it.  It’s cashmere, what’s not to love.  This was her first contact with cashmere and I hope I haven’t skewed her fiber feelings too early.  I let her keep it – I was so happy that she wanted it.  I was rewarded with this picture of her wearing the hat and the Cinder scarf I knit her for Hanukkah. The kid knows how to play the game.

On another visit home I gave her a bag of odd ball skeins to play with.  My sister was visiting at the time and it was a pleasure to sit and knit/crochet together. “We playing game” (sorry, inside family joke).

She asked for more yarn (couldn’t you just melt with the sheer joy of it all?).  I happened to have  some yarn I wasn’t going to use (shush, no commentary). 

At school she needed a volunteer to help her wind her yarn.  One roommate donated her knees ;).

She finished an infinity scarf for me with the odd balls of yarn.  It’s warm and colorful and made just for me. I love it.