VKLive NYC, what an inspiring way to start the year.

I attended VKLive in NYC and as always, it did not disappoint.  I really look forward to this weekend of complete immersion in classes and all things fiber related.  Which is different from my day to day in that I was the student and not the teacher.  It’s a real pleasure to take classes, meet other students, and learn new things.  I came away enthusiastic and inspired.

First I must digress to share my trip into the city.  I am a country mouse.  If I could, I would take taxis everywhere because subways confuse and frighten me.  Cynthia encourages me to be brave – it’s more economical and (generally) more efficient.  She spells it all out and I am getting better(ish).

I had a rolling suitcase with me, my purse, and a knitting bag.  I did not think to ask how one navigates the subway turnstile with all these encumbrances. There was no one traveling in front of me with a rolling suitcase to watch and emulate.  Let me just say, it was not pretty or graceful.

In a word, I got stuck in the turnstile, my suitcase wedged.  I couldn’t go forward or back.  I was most definitely stuck.  I was inwardly panicked that there was a timer to how long your swipe of the card lasted for and that I’d have to use up my whole Metrocard just getting myself and the bag through.  This panic probably lasted less than a minute before a nice man came and rescued me.  When I saw him I just laughed and said, “yes, nothing says tourist more than this”.  On the way out, I saw someone lift their suitcase over the turnstile – not easy – but I managed.

Now onto the show recap. This was my class line up:

Looking Good Coming and Going with Melissa Leapman

I learned a number of reversible fabrics that look good on both sides but are not necessarily identical.

Slip Sliding Away with Melissa Leapman.
Working with slip stitches.

I must share that there was homework for both classes.  I remembered that there was homework for one class (the Saturday class) and as a whim on Thursday, (VKLive began Friday) I checked the class description.

 Lo and Behold, there was homework.  

Due the next day.
It was 8pm and I had just gotten home from work.
I hadn’t packed yet.
I had two homework assignments to complete.
I felt like I was in College again and not in a good way.

Tucker nearly ate my homework! Luckily we caught him in time.
 I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Melissa and realized that I own all but two of her books.  Who would have thought it?  She’s a terrific teacher, very easy going, and  funny. I found her perspective and approach to knitting and designing very interesting.
I had a class with Josh Bennett on Tips and Tricks to Make your Knits More Professional.  This was outstanding class/teacher recommended to me by my friend, Cynthia.  I learned so many interesting tricks some of which were game changing. I look forward to taking more classes with Josh in the future.
On Sunday I took a class on Computer Aided Design with Lily Chin.  Not surprisingly, there are so many things I can do with my computer (or Joe’s because many things required a PC) that I didn’t know.  For this I really have to sit down and play to get the feel of it.
I took two excellent lectures. The first was with Gale Zucker on Photographing your knits. I learned many things I didn’t know before and enjoyed a great slide presentation of her photography.  Again, I have to play to really get the best of the information I learned.  I’m usually (wait, who am I kidding –  always) very quick and haphazard with my photographs as if they are an after thought.  Which, to be honest, they usually are.
The other lecture I took was with Sally Melville on Creativity.  This was more on the science of left brain/right brain and the process of creativity.  Fascinating stuff.
Of course the marketplace was wonderful and overwhelming.  I found some interesting things I hadn’t seen before. 

From Neighborhood Fiber Co, I found this skein of Silk & Steel in an electric purple.

And a lovely skein of Silk & Mohair in shades of Burgundy.

Then there was this skein of Dream in Color Everlasting DK in a colorway called Galaxy.  It was all my favorites wrapped in one skein.  I bravely put it back the first night.  I always buy this color, blah, blah, blah.  The next day I was looking for a pattern that was exclusive to VKLive.  OF COURSE it was in the same booth as this yarn.  To make matters worse (or better depending on how you look at it) the skein was falling out of it’s cubby as if to say, “take me too”. 

Cynthia and I caught up with our friend Ann.
Outside the marketplace is an amazing display of different fiber arts.  To do that justice, I have to send you to this link, which I think you’ll enjoy.