Meet Margot

I don’t ever give myself the luxury of playing with sticks and string with no purpose- no design – no class sample- no gift in mind. It’s really rather liberating to take a skein of yarn, needles, and stitch dictionaries and see what patterns resonate. I want to set a goal of playing with yarn in this manner once a week.  It’s good for the creative juices and it made me appreciate the joy I take in knitting. I’m reaching the end of my holiday knitting and getting grumpy.  I am definitely a selfish knitter I want to knit something for me!  Playing with yarn for no reason renewed my fiber spirits.

On that note, I swatched with S. Charles Collezione Margot.  “A shimmering mohair-blend that creates luxurious, lofty and lightweight fabrics.”

Here are the yarn facts:
77% Mohair, 19% Nylon, 2% Rayon, 2% Metallic
163 yards/50 gram ball
14 sts/4″ on a US 9
Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.

 There are 5 coloways in precious metal shades.

I began my swatch on the suggested needle size, #9.  My immediate first reaction as I knit with the yarn was that it was incredibly soft and fluffy.  I held it under my neck and you would never know it has mohair it. I mushed it around and the fluff stayed put.  No flying fuzzies to make me sneeze. I got gauge on the #9 and was happy with the way the swatch felt, so I stayed with the #9 for the rest of the stitches.
I worked a gathered (ruched) stitch pattern.  It was very pretty. The yarn gives off a sparkly halo.
 This stitch pattern had groups of extended stitches off set from eachother.  It didn’t do the yarn justice.
 I loved how the cable looks.  Very ethereal and lofty. I could definitely see an oversized cable sweater in Margot.
Textured stitches work beautifully as well; check out the Ginnie Swing Jacket and matching scarf.