What are you doing?

Michelle finished her second Fisherman’s Rib Infinity Scarf knit with madelinetosh tosh dk (DK: 100% merino, 225 yards).

The pattern calls for finishing it with a regular bind off. She wasn’t satisfied with this because the ribbing doesn’t lie knit to knit and purl to purl, it’s off a stitch.

I suggested we look into grafting a/k/a Kitchener stitch for a more even finish.  Oy! I did not know what I was getting us into.  It is a tricky endeavor to say the very least.

For starters, in order to have the stitches line up knit to knit ~ purl to purl, you have to first separate the knit stitches from the purl stitches so that they lay on different needles.

This was a two person process.  I transferred the knits and Michelle transferred the purls.

Then we worked the Kitchener stitch while ignoring the the purl stitches that were hanging below.

After that, we flipped the piece over to the wrong side and worked the Kitchener stitch on the purl stitches that are on their knit side.  Make sense?  The picture above is the right side.
This is the wrong side.  Working the Kitchener stitch this way does draw in the fabric.

After all of THAT, Michelle brought out her Artyarns All About the Jacket knit with Artyarns Ensemble 4 ply (Aran: 50% Silk, 50% Cashmere, 200 yards). This yarn feels amazing! The jacket is knit all in garter on a #11 needle.  It’s a terrific piece ~ very Eileen Fisheresque.
Mary was swatching for new projects.  She is using Cascade 220 Superwash (Worsted: 100% merino, 220 yards) for the Petite Popover. It’s kind of a hoodie neckwarmer.

This swatch is for a Roo Design. For as long as I’ve know Mary, she’s been a loose knitter.  She has always had to swatch at least two sizes down from the needle listed in the pattern.  Mercury must be in retrograde because Mary got gauge on the needle stated.  This has NEVER happened. We were both a little stunned by this.  It may take a while to recover from the shock.

Irene swatched with Adrienne Vittadini Paloma yarn from the Knit Together days.  She wants to knit the Bubble Wrap Cap. It was after Irene finished her swatch that she looked at what Michelle and I were doing and asked “What are you doing?” If only we knew.