Flora and Fauna

We were blessed with a beautiful weekend.  The foliage was awash with yellows, oranges, golds, and reds.  You know it’s funny, on it’s own, I don’t particularly like yellow and orange.  I certainly can’t wear them.  But light up the landscape with these colors and I am a happy camper.  I can’t take enough pictures. In fairness to you, I have edited the number of photos I’m sharing.

There was yarn dyed to match the scenery.  What’s that expression?  Art imitating life? I even toyed with the idea of buying a skein but the village voted that I could not pull off the color.

We took a aromatic stroll through the llama and sheep buildings. These animals were full of personality.

These guys looked like “hippie” sheep.

I loved how this sheep peered at me through the fence.

I admired the different natural shades of cream to brown.

The sky was a brilliant blue.  Even the clouds cooperated, they were perfectly fluffy and stayed off in the distance.

 I love looking up through the trees.

We got a chance to pat this llama, he had great coloring.  I’m always a little leary of llamas.  Years ago at a pumpkin farm a llama spit at my father-in-law.  Now I ask first, pat second!

Doesn’t it look like he is wearing pantaloons?

I leave you with a few choice sounds from the sheepish fellow.