The Joy of Knitting With Bulky Yarn.

I’ve had a bag of Noro Odori (Bulky: 40% Silk, 25% Wool, 25% Angora, 10% Mohair, 109 yards) in my stash for a year now waiting for the right pattern.   I was smitten with this colorway(#2), it reminded me of a Monet painting. 

I decided to knit my new top down pattern, Sunrise ~ Sunset.  In order to get gauge, I had to go down to a #10 needle.  I forgot how much fun it is to knit with bulky yarns.  This is practically knitting itself.  I only started it last Wednesday!

Usually when I knit with yarns like Noro with color repeats, I let the colors fall where they may.  Paying no regard to what color was due up next when I added a new skein.

This time I did, and I tried to keep the flow of the colorway by winding off yarn until I got to the next part of the color repeat.  This is especially evident in the sleeves.

I’ve tried it on several times, to see if the length of the body was right and again for the sleeve length.  You don’t get pictures of that, usually there is bed-head/no make up involved.  No one needs to see that!

I can’t believe this sucker is almost done.  I’ve got the remaining part of the sleeve and the neckline.  It’s like a new awakening, the joy of bulky yarn. Who knew? 😉

The other day as I was leaving, laden down with bags, I opened the door to see this. 

Slowly I lowered my bags, because this was a photo op not to be missed.

They even stayed in position long enough to look at me before getting distracted.

Have a great day!