Do you ever do this?

I put yarn up on the swift to wind.  I’m in a dark room, so I figure turning on the lights is a good idea.

So I turn on the lights, and go back to the swift.

I realize I need scissors to cut the little ties.  Where are my scissors?  Oh, yeah, I just used them to cut yarn on a finished baby hat.

On my way to get the scissors I realize my coffee got cold.  I heat up my coffee.

While the coffee is heating up I see the counter needs tidying.

I put paper in the recycling.

When I’m putting the paper inrecyclint I remember I was going to boil eggs for egg salad.  (The recyucling is by the fridge.)

I set the eggs in the pan of water to boil.

Now I’m in the kitchen and notice that needs tidying.

I remember the yarn on the swift.  What, no scissor? Oh, that’s right, that’s what got me started in the first place!

Tucker had his own issues.  He’s trying to get a better look at the birds in the bushes. He is freakishly long.