Sunrise ~ Sunset

We all love having that “go to” sweater in our closet.  The one you always go back to because the fit is great, it’s comfortable, and the color makes you happy.

As a knitter/designer, it’s a beautiful thing when I can pair a concept with a yarn that makes me all those things too. Debbi Bliss Riva (Bulky: 70% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 88 yards) came out a few years ago. They keep adding better and better colors.  The colorway I used in this sweater is a new one, #06.  It is pure happiness to me and it’s not even purple. At least not all purple.

I love knitting top down sweaters because you have some control over the outcome.  You can modify the length to armhole, sleeve length, and body shaping.

 By running waste yarn through your live stitches, you can try it on at any time.  I love that!

Beth was my test knitter. 
She finished knitting the sweater within 10 days.

 We were both delighted with how it finished up. There are no seams to sew, just ends to weave in.

 The stitches are picked up around the v-neck to create a simple rolled edge with a neat v at the base.
Now we needed a name.  There were a lot of options:
Pamela’s Sweater
Fireside Sweater
Weekend Sweater
My Go To Sweater
I sent these names to friends and family, because naming a pattern is a game the whole family can play.
Margaret came up with Sunrise, Sunset.  I really liked that one, for many reasons.  First of all, the sweater colorway looks like a sunrise and a sunset.  Second, it makes me think of my nana who used sing this song to me.
I emailed this to my sister, Nancy and my friend Michelle.  I had to share the ensuing exchange.
Me: I need help naming a new design. It’s a very easy, cozy, bulky top down sweater.

Names in the running:
“Fireside Sweater”
“My Go To Sweater”
“Weekend Sweater”

Nancy: I like either My Go To Sweater or Weekend Sweater.
Me: another one was : Sunrise, Sunset.
Nancy: Not so much, everyone would keep breaking into song.
Michelle: That is true.
Me: That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a sweater flash mob.

Mom came late to the party with the name, Wood Smoke.  By then it was a done deal.  Sorry, Mom, maybe next time.
The pattern is available on Ravelry, click here to purchase. (Thank you)