And now it’s Miller Time

Or at least the knitter’s equivalent. I have been on a deadline for a secret squirrelly design project.

I misjudged my deadline and had 10 days to essentially knit the whole garment.  It wasn’t that I procrastinated, I tried a different approach. Then to top it off, the yarn did not behave as a I expected (I did swatch/was/block).  It didn’t hold it’s blocked shape.  The good news was that I finished the sweater in a week. The bad news was I had to reknit it because it was not the size I wanted it to be.  I love the design I am making and want it to look perfect.

With much soul searching and a prayer for swift fingers, I began again, now with 4 days to go.  Since I couldn’t bear to rip out the first sweater all at once, I just ripped out a skein at a time.  It seemed less painful this way.

My family was very vested in my finishing this garment.  Besides my sanity, food in the house (let alone on the table) was at stake.  If I thought everything went on hold with 10 days to knit a sweater, things really went on hold now.

I set daily goals.  My friend Michelle was testing the pattern simultaneously which was invaluable!

My kids, by way of greeting each morning, asked how the sweater was coming. It was very sweet to see them take an interest in what I was doing.  Either that or they just wanted me to get back on the ball with the “mom stuff”.

I finished the final piece on the way to Thing #2’s family day at college.  I was concerned I would run out of yarn and picked up a skein at Westport Yarns on my way. The dyelot was different. Joe got very involved and kept asking questions and cheering me on.  He asked me about dyelots. How many rows are left?  How long does it take to knit a row? He finally commented that this was all very complicated.

When we got home I blocked it out and put a fan on it to have it dry by morning.  The I dnid the rest of the finishing work.  I made the deadline.

Big sigh of relief! I felt overwhelmingly tired and relieved at the same time.  Now what to do with myself.  Joe asked if I would take a break.  From knitting?  Who are we kidding? From knitting with a deadline? Yes. Well, but then there are the holidays creeping up, so, …. 

Cleaning out Yarnia and getting organized seemed like a good place to start. That made me feel better.  I’m working on a few gifts while I decide what to knit next.

I discoverd paw prints on my desk chair.  I told Thing #1 that it must be Tucker.  As we’ve been Bones lately, she said there are smaller prints too. It appears Harry was there too.