What to do when your knitting is too big for your bag?

Diane had made progress with  her Heart to Heart Lace Scarf. She is knitting it with Zealana Air (Lace: 40% Cashmere, 40% Other, 20% Silk, 191 yards.  If you look closely she is using lifelines every time she finishes two pattern repeats as a precaution in case she has a mistake.  Also, at the bottom she has a stitch marker to denote the right side of the work.  Both are very helpful tools of the trade.

 She is also knitting a baby blanket as a gift for a neighbor’s new grandchild.  The yarn is Sirdar Snuggly DK (DK: 55% Nylon, 45% Acrylic, 179 yards).

Marjolijn stopped by the share with us her finished Sampler Blanket.  This is a gift for her 93 year old Stepmother.  The blanket is awesome.  I love how she arranged the blocks of color.  

Michelle is in the background. We have a public service announcement, when you get the paperwork to renew your driver’s license, read it very carefully.  As the automated phone messages say, “Our options have changed”.  If you want to have your license double as a Federal ID, there are a lot  of documents you will have to put your hands on and bring to DMV,

Irene has been working on a wrap Berroco Bonsai in her stash (Worsted: 97% Bamboo, 3% Nylon, 77 yards).  The pattern stitch is from the vest she’s been working on.

Michelle is knitting Christmas Stockings for her grandchildren.  The pattern is Ann Norling #1019

We worked on perfecting yarn butterflies.  A way to make bobbins of yarn for Intarsia with out bobbins.  

To keep the peace, the design is the same, Teddy Bears, the colors have changed to protect the peace.

Linda has started the second sleeve.  Her knitting has become too big for her knitting bag.  Some would say that is a sign.  Get a larger knitting bag?  Finish the project?  Time will tell.

Yes, the past two pictures are duplicates from the last Stitch and Chat post.  I didn’t get new ones.

 Elaine was off numbers on the row where she binds off for the back of her Knit, Swirl.  She is winging it and fudging forward.  Home stretch as she knits the second part of the sleeves.The yarn is Plymouth Select Superwash Merino (Worsted: 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 219 yards).