On being the weakest member of the herd.

So I did something really stupid yesterday. Although, saying that, it’s not like I went into it intending to do something stupid. 

A little background first, I’ve had heel pain for about 3 months now.  It mostly hurts in the morning (not plantar’s facitius, I’ve been there done that). 

Yesterday at the shop, after a customer had just left, I found something she had come in for.  Without giving it a second thought, I ran through the store to catch her before she drove off.  MISTAKE! I was about 2/3 of the way to the door when I felt/heard something pop in my heel and pain shot through me.  I recovered long enough to hobble to the door; I had to at least finish my mission. 

I made it to the door, caught the customer, and then went back into the store. Long story short, I can’t put any weight on it.  As Miss Clavell said in the book Madeline, “something is just not right”.

You know, “you” really take the little things for granted, like ease of mobility a/k/a walking.  Limping wasn’t so bad compared to hobbling.  We found crutches in the garage.  Don’t ask.  We are apparently a treasure trove for random apparatus.  Crutches are a pain (in the hands).  I’d almost rather hobble because I feel so unsteady on the crutches.

So, any way, back to being the weakest member of the herd.  I’m mentioned how I believe Harry has some cattle dog in him.  He followed me around the bedroom as I got dressed today.  My normal routine was disturbed and he knew it.  He was defnitely trying to take care of me.  Joe even noticed it and asked if he always at my feet when I wash up (the answer is not).  He doesn’t just sit at my feet either, he insinuates himself between the bathroom cabinet and my legs.

I’ve packed a backpack with all my toys:  ipad, magazine, knitting – add a few snacks and water and I’m ready for school.  I plan on calling the orthopedist and getting an xray.  I am not a happy camper.