Bag Ladies

Today was the day of the bag lady. Everyone came with bags of projects to go over.

Michelle finished her Not Just Plain Jane Mystery KAL, knit with Cascade Venezia (Worsted: 70% Merino, 30% Silk, 218 yards). 

She loved knitting it so much that she’s cast on for Jane Elliot’s Renaissance Shawl. I think it’s safe to say she’s become one of the die hard Not Just Plain Jane fans.

She’s knitting it with Cephalopod Nautilace (Lace: 60% Silk, 40% Camel, 400 yards).  It’s going to knit up spectacularly.

Michelle went stash diving and came up with five yarns that she needed patterns for.  She either can’t remember what the initial pattern was or had a change of heart.We did some Ravelry searches to find new options.

Michelle had a skein of Madelinetosh sock yarn in stash too.  She’s going to knit the Moebius Vivalou. It’s designed by the same creator of Lazy Katy.

Michelle likes to throw me curve balls.  Right off the bat the pattern called for a half hitch cast on.  I had never heard of it!  A little digging later and I found out that the backwards loop cast on is also called the half hitch cast on.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.

I was fascinated to learn a different Moebius Cast On. I’m familiar with the cast on that can be viewed here.


The designer used the half hitch cast on a/k/a backwards loop cast on and then picked up stitches off the spine of the cast on.

Moebius’ are knit from the center outwards.  

The first few rounds of knitting are very tight. Regardless, I think I may want to make this.  It calls for 400 yards of fingering weight yarn.  I just may have that in my stash and it’s probably purple 🙂

Mary is taking the Destinations Top Down Sweater class with me at Westport Yarns. The yarn is Tahki Rosa (Aran: 100% cotton, 93 yards).

Elizabeth has been really zipping along on her Brioche Rib Cardigan. 
She attached to the body and has begun the yoke and raglan shaping. 

Linda stopped by for a little while, she’s finishing up the bottom of her Knitting Pure & Simple # 9726 Neck Down Pullover Tunic – Women.  

While she was there we talked about a couple of books (Elizabeth, as promised…): Roses, Once We Were Brothers, and Me Before You.